Eva Pilgrim  |  Weekend Co-Anchor, Good Morning America, ABC News

Matthew is more than an agent. Yes... he has all the contacts and can get you the meetings but he does so much more. He has been a therapist, counselor, encourager and a real friend. From the random positive texts to the hours long conversations about nothing and everything, he has spent the time to get to know me and help me mold my career to follow my dreams and find my real life’s purpose. He’s been honest with me thru the highs and lows. As much as he wants to help you find success, he also wants to help you find happiness in it all. It’s about so much more than just a good job/title/position. He gets that. It’s the right job. The one that helps you grow to who you’re supposed to be. I’m so thankful I found Matthew!

Zubin Mehenti  |  SportsCenter Anchor, ESPN

Choosing an agent can be among the most

important decisions you make in your career, the operative word being 'career’___you want someone to help you build, grow your skills, and put you in position for the best opportunities possible over the course of several years, even decades. You covet a career in our industry, not just a job. I can tell you, unequivocally, that Matthew Kingsley, has gone above and beyond in any and all facets to help me achieve my goals. When you enter into a contractual agreement with an agent, it should always be a partnership. This is something Matthew personifies. I have routinely leaned on his expertise in dealing with a variety of subjects and he has deftly helped me in each and every instance. He will care about your professional goals but just as important, if not more, he truly cares about you as a person. That level of trust and friendship is crucial. His wide and diverse array of clients, placed in America's top broadcast and cable outlets, is a clear indication of how well connected and respected he is. This is one of the most competitive fields out there, where the supply of candidates is almost always greater than the demand, and with that known, I have come to learn firsthand how his relationships, positive attitude, and excellent reputation, can help you achieve your dreams.




Aishah Hasnie  |  Anchor and Correspondent, Fox News Channel

words: Hire Matthew Now!

Matthew knows EVERYONE in the industry and treats his clients like family. He dreams BIG and he helped me land a NETWORK job! There is no doubt in my mind, it was HIS connections and reputation that got me exactly what I wanted. Having 3 Kings behind me was the best decision of my career!”

Chris Miles  |  Host, Turner Sports, NBA TV

Matthew Kingsley understood exactly who I am as a broadcaster. Within six months of working with Matt I landed my "dream job." There are people who will try and change you and mold you into something you are not. Matt will understand you and find the best opportunity that fits. When looking for an agent you should find someone who is willing to do what's best for you. 3 Kings is the company that did that for me.

Julie Grant  |  Anchor, Court TV

Matthew Kingsley made my career dreams come true! He believed in me, encouraged me, and helped me land my dream job at Court TV Network. He is by far the most extraordinary agent I have ever known! Matthew is one of a kind! He is brilliant, hardworking, self-motivated, and a man of utmost integrity. He is honest, trustworthy, professional and truly cares about the happiness and well-being of his clients. I consider Matthew much more than just my professional representative, he and his beautiful wife, Jan Jeffcoat, are wonderful blessings in my life. They are a source of inspiration for me. Their kindness and loyalty is immeasurable. Our world would be a much better place if there were more people like them in it!

Dave Benz  |  TV Play-By-Play Voice, NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves on Fox Sports

Matthew Kingsley has been my agent for over 10 years. In the course of our relationship Matthew has gotten me numerous interviews, negotiated over a handful of contracts, and offered me valuable career advice. Through it all Matthew has had nothing but my best interests at heart, so much so he's become much more than an agent, he's a become a close friend. I've personally recommended his services to colleagues of mine who landed great gigs in cities like Tampa and Chicago and at the Network level after signing on with 3 Kings Entertainment. If you want an agent who will address your needs with a personal touch you need look no further.

Jacqui Heinrich  |  Network Correspondent, Fox News Channel

I feel so blessed to have found Matthew Kingsley. He’s the guy you want in your corner not just to find your next job, but to map out your career in ways you never imagined possible. His eye for talent has drawn respect from the networks, and his relationships give him a unique ability to match talent with organizations in a mutually fulfilling way. He’s a fair and firm negotiator, will always go the extra mile for his clients, and will give you sound advice that is priceless in an industry that is so bound by timing and opportunity. Best of all – every time you talk to Matthew you feel like you’re the only client he has. I’ve never once reached out and not heard back from him immediately, as sometimes happens in large firms. He’s trustworthy, special, and a really great guy. Because of Matthew I’m living out my dreams!

Tommy Tran  |  Sports Anchor, CBS Sports HQ

I've known Matthew for years, but it took a while for us to officially connect and start building a working relationship. And boy, I'm glad I did. He helped me land my dream job at the network level. It would not be possible without him and (3KE-BEST). Matthew is well connected in the industry and knows which positions fit his people the best. Fresno to Fort Lauderdale (CBS Sports HQ) only happens with Matthew as my agent!"

Shyann Malone  |  Anchor, HLN

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Matthew Kingsley. He’s been my agent since 2013. I was in a small town anchoring on the weekends then and now I’m a National Anchor! Much more than an agent he’s also a friend. Matthew always goes above and beyond his call of duty. He’s all about YOU and helping you land the job that YOU want. He never pushes you into a position that you don’t want just because there’s an offer on the table. He’s persistent, aggressive and an outstanding negotiator, so I don’t have to be and I can focus on what I do best. We work together! It’s a true partnership. He leverages his remarkable relationships and superior reputation in the business to get me in front of decision makers, while I prepare and show up, ready to compete. I truly am blessed to have an incredible personal and professional relationship with my agent. He is super supportive, he really cares, he’s trustworthy and it shows! Matthew Kingsley truly is the Best in the Biz!

Casey Keirnan  |  Sports Anchor, CBS Sports HQ

Without Matthew I have no idea where my career would be today. He is responsible for putting me in front of the right people that took my career to a level I only dreamed of. Having Matthew on my team means his connections are my connections and they are among the best in the business. From day one Matthew believed in me. At the time I was at a small local station deciding between him and another agent. I decided to go with Matthew because he was interested in more than my career. He wanted to know about me as a person and as a broadcaster. He has become a friend as well as an agent and I never feel like "just another client" when we communicate. One thing I have learned about having an agent: it still comes down to me as a broadcaster. No agent can magically snap their fingers and get you a dream job. With Matthew on my side I know all the work I have done will pay off because he will get me in front of the right people. I absolutely recommend Matthew and his agency to anyone who is ready for serious representation.